I Am Water

The Resort collection comprising luxury swimwear, silk caftans and soft over gowns – all unique and original with their genuine digital prints, embroideries, hand beading and custom-dyed colours.

The Prêt-à-Couture collection consisting of lightweight business to cocktail attire – a festival of embossed silk pieces re-embroidered with glass beads and crystals, custom dyed in watercolour shades.

The Bridal Couture collection is composed of designs that subtly steers away from traditional styles, while bringing a fresh and atypical approach to this special segment of “Made to Measure”.

The Couture Collection – the Art of the Made to Measure in all its splendour, inspired by creatures from the deepest recesses of our oceans, mixed with fantasy sea deities, all showcasing state-of-the-art handwork and details of the highest quality. Some processes applied to the making of this collection include: Hand dyeing, hand beading, hand sewing, embossing, moulding, 3D printing, embroidery, hand painting, air brushing, hand pleating and more…


This season, the Hendrik Vermeulen Fashion House takes the audience on a journey from the safe shores to the depths of the ocean. The title of the collection is inspired by and taken from the “I Am Water” foundation.

Campaign (Berlin)

Ramp New York

Ramp Rome